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After a gap of two years due to the pandemic, a group of 485 Uttarakhand residents will go to Saudi Arabia for the Haj pilgrimage, likely in July, through the State Haj Committee of Uttarakhand (SHCU). The SHCU had a quota of 485, pilgrims and picked them out of 707 applicants through a lottery held at Haj House in Piran Kaliyar According to executive officer, SHCU, Sayyed Misam Ali, 35 applications were rejected as there is an age restriction of 65 years. The maximum number of pilgrims, 227, are from Haridwar, followed by 130 from US Nagar and 72 from Dehradun.

The government has rolled out two types of Haj plans — cover(group) plan, under which up to five adults and two children.can apply, and the ‘without mehram’ plan, under which women can apply in a group of 4 to 5. Those finding it difficult to register for the pilgrimage cann get their applications filled at the state Haj house in Piran Kaliyar near Roorkee. While Uttarakhand has a quota of 1,500 pilgrims for Haj pilgrimage,the USHC receives around 3,000 applications every year. The Uttarakhand State Haj Committiee received 739 application for Haj in 2022 as on last date.

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